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Hi, I'm Jordan Donald

Hey there! I'm Jordan Donald. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt – from feeling super lost in the vastness of life in my 20s, navigating the challenges of finding purpose, love, and financial stability, to being a loner, perfectionist, and over-thinker with a college degree that collected dust somewhere, I’ve walked the tightrope and have ridden the roller coaster of life’s highs and lows. 

Got hitched at 21, did the whole wandering thing in Eastern Europe and Asia, then faced the shocker of having zero credit at 30. Talk about a wake-up call! Quite the wild ride. Trust me, life's journey has its twists, but it's all part of the adventure. 

Somehow by 32, I turned things around and got the keys to my first home. From shaking things up in International Schools to boosting businesses in the Disaster Restoration scene, I've dabbled in a bit of everything.

But here’s the real tea: my jam is helping folks like YOU level up. Over the past year, I’ve been all about coaching young guns, pushing them to crush it in every aspect of life. 

Craving that rock-solid confidence and a life where you're not just surviving but THRIVING? 

Let's make your dreams pop off.🚀

Jordan Donald

My Story

I LOVE young people - what can I say. Seeing them awaken and come to life! Seeing them believe in themselves and all they can do! Supporting them to bring their deepest dreams and desires to life. Yup, I'm hooked.

From my earliest memories, I recall being a leader. This may have been in part as I was the oldest in my class. I was also an only child, surrounded by adults and learning to interact and converse with them at a young age. This cultivated in me an old wizened soul. For some of my life I found this to be a negative. It led to challenges in connecting with my peers and often left me feeling lonely and isolated. But...


I see the best in others and believe in them until they believe in themself. I inspire others to take committed action to create what they want most. I am a master strategist, synthesizer, and developer. 


The trifecta of success!

And this is my gift to share with others

My Values

I wake up every day inspired and excited to help young people awaken and create the best version of themselves!

  • COMMITMENT: be all-in
  • CONNECTION: show up
  • COURAGE: dig deep