Hey Young Adult: What’s your gut reaction to the word: vulnerability?





Me too. I experience all the above in rapid and rotating sequence at the word: vulnerable.

I get to remember, feelings are an interpretation of our experiences.

So what’s the story I made up about “vulnerability”?

Being vulnerable is scary. People reject me, make fun of me, or judge me. It’s not safe when I’m vulnerable.

Where did I learn this story?

When I was a kid.

My brain made up this story so I would stay “safe” and “protected”. It never wanted me to experience these “negative” emotions again.

Well, thank you brain. I appreciate it.


I can’t get to where I want to go -

I can’t be who I want to be -

unless I take an honest look at myself and then share it with others to get support.

This weekend I had the opportunity to do that several times over.

Each time when I was sharing with friends my heart was pounding. I was dripping in sweat. My breathing was shallow.

Again, thank you brain for trying to keep me safe.



In fact, not only did I not die, by opening up and sharing with others, I was able to receive the help and support I needed.

Yes it’s a risk. Always. But the dream I have for my life and the world was bigger to me than this risk.

How about you?

Are you ready to take an honest look at yourself

- to be vulnerable with yourself first -

So that you can then be in a position to know what areas within you get to have support?

Take an honest look with this free tool you can use to get vulnerable with yourself first.

Much love 🫶🏻

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