Strong Body | Strong Mind


Question for you: Does how your body feels affect how you think/feel about yourself?


If you said no, you’re lying, in denial, or unaware.

This is true for me; it’s true for you - like it or not.

Level 1: Hygiene and Style

Days I take the time to style my hair, put makeup on, wear a fun and stylish outfit, and accessorize…

…I feel GOOD.

Like look in the mirror and go, “Okay girl, I see you. You beautiful!”

Does this last throughout my day? It depends.

Usually, if I’m being honest, it doesn’t.

Why not?

Because when I can’t see my own reflection, I default to how I am physically feeling to dictate how I feel about myself.

So even though I may “look” amazing, I feel [sluggish, squishy, exhausted, etc.]

Level 2: Movement & Nutrition

Please hear me: I am NOT talking about Exercise or Diet!

I am talking about LIFESTYLE. Things I am willing to do now and also willing to do in 5 years or 25 years.

Days I intentionally move my body ( yoga, resistance training, walking/hiking, rock climbing) and eat clean, I feel…


On these days, it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing or look like, I feel STRONG!

When I feel physically strong, I feel mentally INVINCIBLE!

Like everything will go my way. Like whatever happens, I’ll handle it.

What is this called?

Mental Resilience

A must for living a life worth living.

Level 3: Sleep

Days I get 7-8 hours of RESTFUL sleep = game changer.

Sleep is magic.

My body repairs itself and rebalances my hormones. It sets me up to ROCK Level 2 the next day!

Don’t underestimate the effect sleep has on your physical and mental/emotional state.

Not sure you believe me?

Today I invite you to level-up your life - whatever it looks like for you.

If it’s showering and putting on clean clothes every day, do that.

If it’s intentionally moving your body for 20 minutes a day, do that.

If it’s eating whole real food vs take-out, do that.

If it’s adding 1 more hour of sleep to your night, do that.

I invite you to do this one habit tweak every day for a week. At the end of the week, observe its effects.

Strong Body | Strong Mind

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